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GoldMine Table Structures.

Please go here for GoldMine Premium Specific Tables

Detailed here are the GoldMine tables and Indexes for both DBase and SQL (usually the same functionally), also field definitions. This information has been obtained from a number of places and from my own use of GoldMine

It is important to note that writing directly to any of these tables (whether dBase or SQL) is not supported by FrontRange Solutions (GoldMine). You risk data corruption and at best you will lose all synchronization information for these changes you make. To safely update GoldMine’s database, you should use the API specifications that GoldMine provides to update their tables.

GoldMine Data Table Name Location
Additional Contacts and Other Records ContSupp Contact Set
Alert Definitions InfoMine GMBase
Assigned Alerts ContSupp Contact Set
Automated Processes (Assigned) ContSupp Contact Set
Automated Processes (Definitions) Tracks GMBase
Completed Appointments, Calls, To-Dos, Actions ContHist Contact Set
Contact Groups ContGrps Contact Set
Primary Contact Information Contact1 Contact Set
Secondary Contact Information Contact2 Contact Set
Custom Data Fields Contact2 Contact Set
Custom Field Definitions ContUDef Contact Set
Custom Field Layouts Fields5 GMBase
Details Records / Profiles ContSupp Contact Set
Details/Profiles Header Definitions ContSupp Contact Set
E-Mail Addresses ContSupp Contact Set
E-Mails (sent, received / Filed) MailBox GMBase
Filters and Queries Filters GMBase
InfoCenter InfoMine GMBase
Lead analysis files LeadDbfs GMBase
Linked Documents ContSupp Contact Set
F2 Lookups LookUp GMBase
Merge Documents Forms GMBase
Information about fields in merge forms. Formsfld GMBase
Queue of mail-merged documents waiting to be sent. FormsQue GMBase
Opportunities/Projects OpMgr
Organizational Tree ContSupp Contact Set
Pending Appointments, Calls, To-Dos, Actions Cal GMBase
Personal Rolodex PerPhone GMBase
Referrals ContSupp Contact Set
Reports Report32 GMBase
Resources ResItems GMBase
Synchronization Settings GSServer
Web Addresses ContSupp Contact Set
GoldMine Premium Specific Tables Table Name Location
Contacts Notes Notes Contact Set
Service Centre Cases GMBase
GoldMine Misc Tables and Logs Table Name Location
Database Locations SPFiles GMBase
Script definitions. Scriptsw GMBase
Saved Import/Export profiles for all databases. ImpExp GMBase
System log Syslog GMBase
Log file of user logins Userlog GMBase
Synchronization Records
(changes, deletes)
Contact Set
Character set Information for installation CharSet GM Folder
Field names dictionary Datadict GM Folder
Logged In users flags Flags GM Folder
Licensing Information License GM Folder
Locking table used in synchronizations. Synclock GM Folder
network synchronization. Synctask GM Folder
Usernames and Settings Users GM Folder
GoldMine Table Relationships    

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