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GoldMine Table Structures.


DBase Directory Location: GMBASE
Table Description: Contains listing of all available reports and their settings.

Table Indexes
Name DBase Index SQL Index ID

Table Relationships

Table Fields Structure
Field Name Field Type Length Description
RECTYPE String 2 Record Type.
   Position 1=Report type, C=Crystal, G=GoldMine
   Position 2=Report category, C=Contact, F=Calendar, H=Analysis,  I=Labels, X=Other
USERID String 8 Owner of the report. Blank=’Public’
REPDESC String 60 Description of the report
LINKEDDOC Memo - Several parameters, each separated by two tildes (~~) before and a line feed (ASCII 10) after.
Parameters include: SYNC={0/1 – No/Yes},
CREATETIME=YYYYMMDDHHMM, FILENAME={Full path of directory and file name}.
OPT1 String 30 Flags for the various Options available to this report. See Table Below.
OPT2 String 30 Calendar Activity Code + History Activity Code + History Result Code
OPT3 String 30 All Reports with Options: Calendar Data
Position Description
1-7 Start Date. ‘DS’ followed by number of days from current
8-14 End Date. ‘DS’ followed by number of days from current
15-22 User (if blank, All users)
OPT4 String 30 Contact, Analysis and Label Reports: History Data
Position Description
1-7 Start Date. ‘DS’ followed by number of days from current
8-14 End Date. ‘DS’ followed by number of days from current
15-22 User (if blank, All users)
OPT5 String 30 -
OPT6 String 30 -
SDBF1 String 8 Primary Sort table name
SDBF2 String 8 Secondary Sort table name
SDBF3 String 8 Tertiary Sort table name
SFIELD1 String 10 Primary Sort field name
SFIELD2 String 10 Secondary Sort field name
SFIELD3 String 10 Tertiary Sort field name
STYPE1 String 1 GoldMine: Primary Sort field type (Character, Date, Number)
Crystal: Primary Sort order (0=Ascending, 1=Descending)
STYPE2 String 1 GoldMine: Secondary Sort field type (Character, Date, Number)
Crystal: Secondary Sort order (0=Ascending, 1=Descending)
STYPE3 String 1 GoldMine: Tertiary Sort field type (Character, Date, Number)
Crystal: Tertiary Sort order (0=Ascending, 1=Descending)
SSTART1 String 20 Primary Sort starting value
SSTART2 String 20 Secondary Sort starting value
SSTART3 String 20 Tertiary Sort starting value
SEND1 String 20 Primary Sort ending value
SEND2 String 20 Secondary Sort ending value
SEND3 String 20 Tertiary Sort ending value
GRPSDBF1 String 8 Group 1 table (appears to be unused)
GRPSFIELD1 String 10 Group 1 field name (appears to be unused)
GRPSDBF2 String 8 Group 2 table (appears to be unused)
GRPSFIELD2 String 10 Group 2 field name (appears to be unused)
GRPSDBF3 String 8 Group 3 table (appears to be unused)
GRPSFIELD3 String 10 Group 3 field name (appears to be unused)
PARAMS Memo - -
NOTES Memo - Report notes
CURREC String 1 -
LASTUSER String 8 Last Modified By
LASTDATE Date 8 Last Modified Date
LASTTIME String 5 Last Modified Time
RECID String 15 Record ID

OPT1 Individual Character position definitions (Most are 0 or 1 where 0=No, 1=Yes)
Character Contact, Analysis,
Label Reports
Calendar Reports Crystal Reports
1 {Blank Space} Page Layout:
0=Daily Fixed, 1=Weekly,
2=Monthly, 3=Daily Variable
2 0    
3 Default Printer (0=Selected, 1=Layout) Default Printer (0=Selected, 1=Layout) Default Printer (0=Selected, 1=Layout)
4 Contacts: 0=All, 1=Current, 2=Filter    
5 {Blank Space}   {Unused}
6 {Blank Space}   {Unused}
7 Calendar Appointments Include Appointments {Unused}
8 Calendar Call Backs Include Call Backs {Unused}
9 Calendar Messages Include Messages {Unused}
10 Calendar Next Actions Include Next Actions {Unused}
11 Calendar Forecast Sales Include Forecast Sales {Unused}
12 Calendar Others Include Others {Unused}
13 Calendar Events Include Events {Unused}
14 Calendar To-Dos {Blank Space} {Unused}
15 {Blank Space} {Blank Space} {Unused}
16 History Phone Calls Detail Text - Activity Type {Unused}
17 History Messages Detail Text - Activity Code {Unused}
18 History Next Actions Detail Text - Time {Unused}
19 History Appointments Detail Text - Duration {Unused}
20 History Sales Detail Text - Reference {Unused}
21 History Others Detail Text - Contact {Unused}
22 History Forms Detail Text - Phone {Unused}
23 History Events {Unused} {Unused}
24 History To-Dos {Unused} {Unused}
25 {Blank Space} {Unused} {Unused}
26 Linked Data - Other Contacts {Unused} {Unused}
27 Linked Data - Details {Unused} {Unused}
28 Linked Data - Documents {Unused} {Unused}
29 Linked Data - Referrals {Unused} {Unused}
30 Linked Data - Organizations {Unused} {Unused}

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