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GoldMine Table Structures.


DBase Directory Location: GMBASE
Table Description: User-defined field labels and layouts for all fields and databases.

Table Indexes
Name DBase Index SQL Index ID

Table Relationships

Table Fields Structure
Field Name Field Type Length Description
RECTYPE String 1 Indicates type of record stored.
Value Description
A -
C Screen name for a group of fields. The ViewID contains a code that links the field records with the screen name record. See description below for more details.
F Field record, details about one field.
E Expression for a Field
R Record Types Rules
T Record Types
VIEWID String 15 For field records, this is the RecID of the screen name that these fields are displayed under. The exceptions to this are primary and summary fields (Primary being those above the tabs and Summary being those in the Summary tab). Primary’s ViewID is 00001 and Summary is 00002.
FLDPOS String 3 Indicates the tab order of the fields in the specified view. This is the order in which this field will be moved to when the user presses the Tab key.
FCOL String 3 Column Position
FROW String 3 Row Position
LABEL String 20 Global Label (Displayed for all databases if a Local label is not available – see ContUDef)
LABELSIZE Integer 2 Label Size
EDITSIZE Integer 2 Field Size - If RecType=T then 1 indicates Default
USERID String 8 If RecType=C, this is the UserID of the owner of this view. If it is blank, it is open to all users (Public).
NTXNO Integer 2 Index # for indexed fields
FTYPE Integer 2 Field Type. 0-field, 1=phone #, 128=accountno, 132=expression
FLDNAME String 10 Field name if applicable
EXPR Memo - Expression if a non-field
RECID String 15 Record ID

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