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GoldMine Table Structures.


DBase Directory Location: COMMON
Table Description: Contact history file—contains a record for each completed activity

Table Indexes
Name DBase Index SQL Index ID

Table Relationships
Field Related Table to Field Type Notes
AccountNo Contact1->AccountNo M-1  
LopRecID OpMgr->RecID M-1 Records related to opportunities/projects
RecID MailBox->LinkRecID 1-1  
LinkRecID MailBox->RecID 1-1  

Table Fields Structure
Field Name Field Type Length Description
USERID String 8 User
ACCOUNTNO String 20 Account Number. If '--' and the record is an Email then the email was linked but then subsequently unlinked
SRECTYPE String 1 First character of RecType
RECTYPE String 10 Record Type. Contains up to 5 characters. The following are definitions for each segment of this field. See Table Below
ONDATE Date 8 Action Date
ONTIME String 5 Action Time
ACTVCODE String 3 Activity Code
RESULTCODE String 3 Result Code
STATUS String 2 First character is flag, second char =1 if notes exist
DURATION String 8 Duration of activity. Formatted as hh:mm:ss. If none, either blank or ‘0’. Also used for forecasted sale value.
UNITS String 8 Units of a Forecasted Sale
REF String 65 Reference. Contact name is stored at end in parenthesis, preceeded by ‘oc:’.
Example: ‘This is the reference (oc: Bob Smith)’.
NOTES Memo 15 Notes
LINKRECID String 15 E-Mail Linked Record ID
LOPRECID String 8 Linked Opportunity. Manager. Record
CREATEBY String 8 Creation User
CREATEON Date 8 Creation Date
CREATEAT String 6 Creation Time
LASTUSER String 8 Last Modified By
LASTDATE Date 8 Last Modified Date
LASTTIME String 6 Last Modified Time
RECID String 15 Record ID

RecType Field Definitions
Characters 1-2 (Record Type) Character 4 (Private, RSVP Flags)
Character Description Character Description
A Appointment (Space) Non-Private, Non-RSVP
C Phone call P Private
CC Call Back R RSVP
CI Incomming Call B Private and RSVP
CM Returned Message Character 5 (Colour of Original Activity)
CO Outgoing Call Character Description
D To-Do (Space) Blue (Default)
E Event ! Magenta
F Literature " Red
L Form # Cyan
M Sent Message $ Green
MG E-Mail Message % Yellow
MI Received E-mail & Dark Cyan
MO Sent E-Mail ‘ (Apostrophe) White
O Other ( Light Grey
S Sale ) Maroon
T Next Action * Dark Green
U Unknown + Dark Yellow
Character 3 (Result of the Activity) , Dark Blue
Character Description - Purple
(Space) Successful . Dark Grey
U Unsuccessful / Black

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