TruSoft Consulting

Finding Gold with your CRM


What we do...

Quite simply I offer what I have always offered. a professional a tailored solution for you.I can provide GoldMine technical advice, Upgrades, GoldMine training, Crystal Reports training, Crystal Reports creation, Customization and integration.

I am even able to offer web site development and software development and even web site integraton.

GoldMine - Need Help?

Ok so you are using GoldMine, and you need some help on a problem you are having, Trying to find a GoldMine professional who can help can be troublesome to say the least, In most cases you have to contact a GoldMine VAR for help. Or go directly to FrontRange and pay for support.

I can offer Email and phone support and even Remote access support via Remote Desktop or TeamViewer direct to your server or client desktop. I can diagnose and attempt to solve your problem quickly and with as little pain and suffering as possible.

How about an Automated Process to do some clever stuff or a GM+View to enhance your GoldMine and integrate to Sage 50 or Sage 200. I can even produce a GoldMine Web Import form which uses our server hosting the secure script and send direct to your GoldMine.

How about a bespoke Mini Application to help you do with GoldMine something that GoldMine cant normally do, - you could pay thousands to a VAR and get an application developed for you or why not try me. Using my own ActiveX COM API for GoldMine integration, Developing an Application either in Visual Basic 6 or C# or VB.NET is much more straight forward than it used to be.

I have been developing applications and tools for GoldMine for many years and I am sure I can help.

You might even have a big money making idea for a GoldMine add-on application that you want to sell, ask me, I may be able to help here too.

I can offer assistance and consultancy on all versions of GoldMine Standard versions 4.x to 6.x, GoldMine CE version 7.x and GoldMine PE versions 8.x to 9.x


I am not a GoldMine Business Partner and as such you must have a BP to continue your maintenance.

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