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GoldMine Table Structures.


DBase Directory Location: COMMON
Table Description: Supplementary contact set—contains a record for each additional contact record, referral and profile record. The different record types are distinguished by the contents of the RecType field. Different RecTypes may use each field for a different purpose. See the pages following this for details about each RecType and the fields it uses.

Table Indexes
Name DBase Index SQL Index ID

Table Relationships
Field Related Table to Field Type Notes
AccountNo Contact1->AccountNo M-1  

Table Fields Structure
Field Name Field Type Length Description
ACCOUNTNO String 20 Account Number
RECTYPE String 1 Record Type
Value Description
A Assigned Alert
C Additional contact record
E Automated Process attached event
H Extended profile header
L Linked document
O Organizational chart
P Profile record/extended profile record
R Referral record
CONTACT String 30 Contact Name - Since GoldMine 8.5x the Length has been changed to 40
TITLE String 35 Contact Title
CONTSUPREF String 35 Reference
DEAR String 20 Dear (Salutation)
PHONE String 20 Phone
EXT String 6 Phone Extension
FAX String 20 Fax number
LINKACCT String 20 Linked Account
NOTES Memo - Notes
ADDRESS1 String 40 Additional Contact Address 1
ADDRESS2 String 40 Additional Contact Address 2
ADDRESS3 String 40 Additional Contact Address 3
CITY String 30 Additional Contact City
STATE String 20 Additional Contact State
ZIP String 10 Additional Contact Zip (Post Code)
COUNTRY String 20 Additional Contact Country
MERGECODES String 20 Merge Codes
STATUS String 4 First character is flag, second char =1 if notes exist
LINKEDDOC Memo 10 Linked Document
LASTUSER String 8 Last Modified By
LASTEDATE Date 8 Last Modified Date
LASTTIME String 5 Last Modified Time
U_CONTACT String 30 Upper-case shadow of Contact Name (SQL Only)
U_CONTSUPREF String 35 Upper-case shadow of Reference (SQL Only)
RECID String 15 Record ID

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