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GoldMine Downloads

GoldMine API Documentation
GoldMine API 6 Addendum
GMGoldLINK for GoldMine 6.7 and Below Evaluation
GMGoldLINK for GoldMine 7 Evaluation
GMGoldLINK Documentation
GoldFORM Evaluation

HEX Edited Version of the GoldMine application to remove the 2010 date warning message- this has been set to 2037, These only contain the EXE file, you cannot use them if you do not have the correct supporting files to go with it. Also note that if you are running on Vista/Windows 7 and you have UAC enabled , the digital signature may also be compromised using these. You must accept by using these files you do so at your own risk and I cannot be responsible for any problems that may arise. ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST

Goldmine 6.7.70226
GoldMine 6.7.50123
GoldMine 6.5.40704
GoldMine 6.0.21021
GoldMine 6.0.40703
GoldMine 5.7.30503
GoldMine 5.5.10424

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