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I am a freelance GoldMine CRM Technical Consultant and Software Developer. I used to work full time as a GoldMine Technical Consultant for Preact CRM Limited. Unfortunatly for me the client base I used to service was sold to another company to free up my time to enable me to focus more on application development and MSCRM. This didnt work out in the end and I was subsequently made redundant. So I am left with 2 options. 1. Work for another company or 2. Go freelance.

I have been working with GoldMine since GoldMine version 4. I have provided technical product support for over 20 years. I have a great track record and I have proven to many clients that I can deliver what is needed, when its needed.

My experience in GoldMine is vast, and my technical skills can help you get the best out of your CRM system.

I first worked with GoldMine for a friend, I was asked if I could develop some form of integration with GoldMine and an accounts system from that point on I followed and used GoldMine. I have worked with many versions of GoldMine and hope it continues to get better.

I have also been a Certified expert on Experts exchange for some time.

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