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GMWiredSync - Sync GoldMine contacts to Wired Marketing!

GMWiredSync is a synchronization tool for Goldmine; it will enable you to synchronize your Goldmine CRM contacts to your Wired Marketing Contacts and address book. Using this application allows you to synchronize all your contacts (including Additional Contacts) when they have changed within the Goldmine system.

GMWiredSync can automatically update GoldMine contacts if they unsubscribe too, keeping your contact information upto date in GoldMine!


  • Push ALL Primary contacts that have changed since a specific cutoff date.
  • Push ALL Additional contacts that have changed since a specific cutoff date.
  • Update your Goldmine contacts with unsubscribers.
  • Full logging and tracking of the synchronization process.
  • Process results emailed once processing is complete.
  • Install as a automatic service that can automatically upload new changes every day.


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