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GoldFORM - Web Forms Made Easy!

Now Updated to work with GoldMine 6.x , 7.x and GoldMine Premium

GoldFORM is currently being re-written from scratch in C#.NET and will be available soon

GoldFORM Web Form Builder gives you the power to quickly and easily build HTML web import forms for use with the GoldMine webimport feature and will automatically bring your contact information into GoldMine!

Cut your web form development time by using GoldFORM to build your web form using the field labels, lookups and detail record information straight out of GoldMine.

No coding needed, the web forms work the minute you build them!

Here's how it works.

  1. A customer or prospect completes a web-form and clicks Submit
  2. The browser sends the information in the form to the application running on our server
  3. The Server processes the information and sends it as an email to a designated recipient of your choice
  4. The email is collected in GoldMine and a new record is created or an existing record updated!

This is likely to change in the future as we are considering adding a login area where you can monitor usage and re-send web imports

We only record usage data (Number of forms submitted and last date/time and licenced domains)

By using a Web form with our script on our Web Server, there's no need for automated response email software, since this can be handled by GoldMine's Automated Processes.

GoldFORM automatically uses the field labels, lookups and detail record information straight out of your GoldMine contact database.

You can build GoldMine web import forms which will work on any website, regardless of the type of web server and you can design forms that meet your design requirements by using different types of input fields.

You get duplicate checking against each web contact and your Profiles are portable to other installations of GoldFORM.

You can also avoid Spam and Viruses by using GoldFORM to build your forms!

Having your email address on a web page or in web page coding is becoming increasingly more hazardous.

Spam mailing lists are now using automated email harvesters to collect email addresses for their lists. These harvesters trawl web pages for anything that looks like an email address and then simply add what it finds to their lists.

A related and more serious problem is email viruses and worms. The new generations of email viruses are designed to maximize their distribution. They do this by searching the host computer for email addresses both in email address books and local files. They then send themselves to these addresses and often appear to come from one of them. So if you have a web page containing your email address sitting on somebody's computer (which happens as soon as they view your page) it can be found by viruses. This will result in not only you receiving a contaminated email but other email addresses found on the computer may also be sent an infected email appearing to come from you. This type of virus can make you appear to be the source of virus infected emails by faking the email from address.

To address this problem GoldFORM removes this risk by making the data for the form unreadable by encoding it and so hiding this data from the harvesters and virus.

We also offer one off forms built to your needs, just provide us with your list of fields including custom field names, and the F2 lookups for the fields and we can build you a form, We can even make it fit your web site if you provide the details of your required layout and look.

Try our online GoldMine Web Import demo form. It couldnt be easier, or read the GoldFORM product guide here

Important Notice Regarding GoldMine import limitations and security:

GoldFORM has a unique feature called PowerNotes™ - this feature will allow you to get past the webimport limitation for notes, the notes value can only safely be 255 characters and the carriage returns are removed when being sent by the GoldFORM script because of the way GoldMine reads the webimport. The PowerNotes™ feature will allow you to work around this limitation by sending an additional email after the web import email, this additional email is sent as the person filling in the form. Because of this you can only use the PowerNotes™ feature if you are capturing the email address.

Due to many spammers and their use of scripts to send spam emails using fake email addresses many hosting providers will not allow scripts to send emails using fake email addresses. Because of this problem at present you will only be able to use the PowerNotes feature if you also purchase a mailbox from us, this then allows you to receive the PowerNotes email otherwise it will be blocked from being sent. You will get the web import email with no problems but you will not receive the PowerNotes™ email

The cost of a mailbox hosted on our server is only £1.50pm. This will be billed on a annual basis via paypal. You will need 1 mailbox per domain.

You may cancel at anytime by giving one months notice and a partial refunded will be given.

Recent Updates

Updated GoldFORM processing script on our server to correctly deal with GoldMine version 6.0+ switch.

If you specify GMVersion = 6.0+ then the generated email will use Email= and Website= correctly to populate the email address in a way the DupCheckEmail can then correctly check for duplicates when the record is imported.

GoldFORM Application update 1.1.32

Added check box on Details to allow the selection of the Notes Field for a detail. Download using NetUpdate in the Help menu

GoldFORM Application update 1.1.34

Fixed issue with DupeCheck of Email address not correctly adding the DupCheck value to the form.

If you require any further information or enquire about purchasing any of these products. Please get in contact.

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