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TruSQLCLR is a MSSQL CLR with some powerfull features.

Due to a need for some functions in SQL for some projects I have been working on, I decided to build into my SQL CLR assembly some features for GoldMine that I believe are very powerfull.

The CLS is compatable with SQL 2005+ It provides some GoldMine features to create a new RecID, AccountNo, SyncStamp and can even decode a syncstamp or RecID. (more to come)

The GoldMine feaures do not require GoldMine to be installed on the server and there are more to follow

There are a number of other features too, string encryption , decryption , convertion to Base64 and back. There is even a String compression function too.

Here is what is currently available with the CLR

GoldMine Functions

truGM_AccountNo - Generate a new AccountNo

truGM_SyncStamp - Generate a true SyncStamp using the current system date and time.

truGM_ConvertSyncStamp - Convert an existing SyncStamp to a true data and time

truGM_NewRecID - Generate a unique RecID

Additional features will be the ability to create GoldMine data safely using pure SQL with no GoldMine dependancies. for example, Create a Contact, History record etc.


General Functions

truFunc_GeneratePassword - Generate a random password string the lenght of which can be set and can include a fixed number of special characters

truFunc_RandomNumber - Generate a random number between two numbers supplied

truFunc_ScrambleString - Randomly scrample a string, this is a unique method to scramble a string and each time you scramble a string it will be different but will always unscramble correctly, you can even scramble a scrambled string a number of times then unscramble the same number of times.

truFunc_UnScrambleString - Unscramble a previusly scrambled string

truFunc_EncryptString - This will encrypt a string is a unique simple way, to decrypt you just pass an encrypted string that was generated into the same function.

truFunc_CryptoEncryptString - Generate an encypted string using Microsoft Cryptography API

truFunc_CryptoDecryptString - Decrypt a string using the Microsoft Cryptography API

truFunc_RNGCrypto - Generate a Microsoft RNGCrypto random number - this will create a very large random number from 19 to 20 characters in length

truFunc_GetBefore - Return the string before a given string

truFunc_GetAfter - Return the string after a given string

truFunc_GetBetween - Return the string between 2 strings

truFunc_EncodeTo64 - Encode a string to Base64

truFunc_DecodeFrom64 - Decode a Base64 string to real string

truFunc_Compress - Compress a string to binary data, usefull for strings over 400 characters, anything less provides no benefit

truFunc_DeCompress - Decompress binary data to a string again.


These are what is currently available but many more functions will be added in the future. If there is any that is needed please ask

The CLR features will require activation and will be need to be licensed. Details will be provided and unfortunately you cannot purchase and use instantly. but once activated it will not expire.

If you require any further information or enquire about purchasing any of these products. Please get in contact.

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