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GoldFORM Web Import Form Demo

All of the images and logos on this form can be replaced with your own company images.

Here is a sample form below for you to try. It is possible to put any Goldmine field you would like on these forms, including Goldmine details for Details Plus.

  1. Fill in and Submit the form   
  2. Read the Thank You page  
  3. Check your email in Goldmine  
  4. See the Web contact appear in Goldmine

NOTE: You must be using GoldMine and recieve emails in GoldMine. A record will be created automatically if your GoldMine settings are set to import leads automatically if not then you'll need to manually import the lead by clicking on the web import icon when you open the email (see images).

WebImport button PE WebImport button

* Indicates a required field.

Feel free to change the following information.

Primary Fields

Your e-mail address  
GoldMine User New  
GoldMine Use Dupe  
Company :  *  
Contact :  *  
Position :   
Title :   
Secr :   
Last :   
Dear :   
Address 1 :   
Address 2 :   
Address 3 :   
City :   
County :   
Post Code :   
Country :   
Phone :  Ext :  
Work :   
Mobile :   
FAX :   
Ext1 :   
Ext4 :   

Additional Information

Relationship (Key1) :   
Budget (Key3)  :   
Update (Key5) :   
Source :  *  
WebSite :   
Email Address :   
Notes :   

Default UserDefined Fields

User Defined 1  :   
User Defined 2  :   

UserDefined Fields

Newsletter (UEZINE) :  - You will need a UserDefined Field to Receive  
Call Back (UCALLME) :  - You will need a UserDefined Field to Receive  

Detail Records

Buyer :  *  
Buyers Name: :   
Address1: :   
Address2: :   

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